Zabbix Pushover Alert script

At home and at work we are running Zabbix for monitoring, for alerting I use Pushover. There are some scripts that have Zabbix and Pushover integration on, but none of them have priority support and have inline image for Pushover. On my GitHub you can find a alertscript for Zabbix and Pushover. Pushover has also a dark theme, but the Zabbix graphs are still light. So there is an option in the script to invert the graphs....

May 14, 2019 · Dennis Kruyt

Solis Ginlong Inverter Statistics Scraper

I have a Solis 5K-G Single Phase Inverter with a Ginlong LAN stick. This stick logs statistics of this inverter every 5 minutes to the Ginlong monitoring pages. Ginlong Solis Inverter I want use those statistics on the Ginlong site for my own analyses en domotica. To get those statistics to my own systems I created a python script that scrapes PV and inverter statistics from the Ginlong monitor pages every 5 min....

May 13, 2019 · Dennis Kruyt

DarkSome theme switcher for macOS

Apple’s new macOS 10.14 codename Mojave has a nice dark theme, but to change it you need to go click trough multiple screens to change the theme. To switch fast and simple I created a Menu Bar App for this. It does exactly what you see below with a mouse click. To switch theme, click left, to exit click right on the moon/sun icon. The source code you can find on my GitHub page, the app it self DarkSome you can download it below....

September 6, 2018 · Dennis Kruyt

ScaleWay vs Hetzner

I am looking for a new not so expensive VPS provider. When I was looking arround for something that would suit my needs I came up with ScaleWay and Hetzner as possible candidates.

July 19, 2018 · Dennis Kruyt

ETAG headers in a load balanced farm

When I was looking at some Nginx caching settings to improve them on a load balanced static content farm. I noticed that the etag headers difference between servers for the same file when they should be the same. So first what is a etag header? From WikipediA The ETag or entity tag is part of HTTP, the protocol for the World Wide Web. It is one of several mechanisms that HTTP provides for web cache validation, which allows a client to make conditional requests....

June 29, 2018 · Dennis Kruyt

Huawei FAT WLAN Access Points in Grafana

With Huawei Enterprise Access points you have different firmware versions for different deployment scenarios. A FIT version for when you have an Wireless Access Controller (AC). This AC will managed all your AP and you have metrics available from within the AC. Huawei also offers a FAT version of the firmware for the AP. This is an standalone verion and there is no central management and overview of your AP’s with the FAT version....

January 11, 2018 · Dennis Kruyt

Huawei Dorado all flash metrics in Grafana

Recently I got my hands on a nice all flash storage from Huawei, the Dorado 5000. Off course I wanted to see if my Grafana dashboard I created for the Huawei Oceanstor series was also working on the Dorado, most is working, but some mibs are different and not all performance metrics that are availble on the Oceanstor are on the Dorado. So I adjusted the Telegraf and Grafana dashboard to work correclty with the Dorado....

January 11, 2018 · Dennis Kruyt

LizardFS in Grafana

This plugin/script for Telegraf will collect the metrics from LizardFS and stores it into InfluxDB, then you can view your metrics in Grafana on a templated dashboard.

August 14, 2017 · Dennis Kruyt

Postfix and TLS encryption

With hackers around every corner, governments wants to read your emails, now a days encryption is a necessity. Now most major sites are only available on https, and more and more IM are using encryption. But what about and old protocol email that is still very popular and we cant go without it any more. How can we increase security for this? Of course you can use S/MIME or PGP and have end to end encryption, but the problem that in transit between mail servers the from, to, cc, and subject fields are not encrypted....

August 4, 2017 · Dennis Kruyt

Barnyard2: Data too long

After I logged into Snorby to check some events on our IDS. I notice that one of my sensors didn’t return any events any more into the database. I log in the sensors and I notice that Barnyard2 wasn’t running any more. Barnyard2 parses the Snort logs and inserts the min the database. So I started the service again and after a few minutes it stoped running again. Upon inspection of the logs I fount this warning....

July 24, 2017 · Dennis Kruyt