Building mechanical numpads

Building my own mechanical numpds

September 25, 2022 路 Dennis Kruyt

Kubernetes SideCar Backup

kscb is a sidecar container, that is based upon rclone with a crontab. The sidecar container in the pod has access to the PV mount and the data on it, Rclone can then easily copy/sync to a public/private storage provider

September 29, 2021 路 Dennis Kruyt

Migrate from Docker to Containerd in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is deprecating Docker as a container runtime after v1.20. Don鈥檛 Panic 馃槺 Docker containers are still supported, but the dockershim/Docker, the layer between Kubernetes and containerd is deprecated and will be removed from version 1.22+." So if you are running docker you need to change to a supported container runtime interface (CRI). containerd is a good choice, it is already running on your Kubernetes node if you are running Docker....

March 16, 2021 路 Dennis Kruyt

Running a mailserver in Kubernetes

Running a webserver in Kubernetes is easy, but a mailserver is more challenging. Most of the challenging things has todo with your ip infrastructure, ingress and loadbalancer within Kubernetes. Here are things I learned when I was deploying a mailserver based on Postfix on Kubernetes with metallb and nginx ingress. If you have a different setup, things could apply or not. Prevent mail loops on your secondary MX Your postfix MX pod is running maybe on a private ip RFC1918, this is fine....

October 19, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

Varnish in Kubernetes

This is a simple minimal but highly configurable Varnish caching service for Kubernetes. This should be placed between your ingress and your application service. simple setup It can be used in combination with multiple ingresses and application services at the same time. multiple ingress and services Setup Apply the following yaml file, replicas and environment variables can be adjusted to your need....

September 15, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

Fortinet Fortigate in Grafana

To get metrics from your FortiGate in Grafana using Telegraf and InfluxDB. Enable SNMP on your FortiGate Put the following telegraf config in your /etc/telegraf/telegraf.d directory Edit the the agent IP and community string as appropriate # # Retrieves SNMP values from remote agents [[inputs.snmp]] agents = [ "" ] timeout = "10s" retries = 3 version = 2 community = "monitoring" # ## SNMPv3 auth parameters sec_name = "sec_name" auth_protocol = "SHA" # Values: "MD5", "SHA", "" auth_password = "auth_pass" sec_level = "authPriv" # Values: "noAuthNoPriv", "authNoPriv", "authPriv" # #context_name = "" priv_protocol = "AES" # Values: "DES", "AES", "" priv_password = "priv_pass" name = "FortiGate" [[inputs....

June 21, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

Passed the Red Hat RHCSA exam

Today I passed the Red Hat RHCSA exam with the maximum 300/300 100% score! 馃榿 I had a good feeling during the exam, and after about an hour I got the following email from Red Hat. The results of your recent EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam are reported below. Passing score: 210 Your score: 300 Result: PASS Congratulations -- you have earned the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification....

February 6, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

SUSE SLES 15 Container in LXD

I am a big fan of LXD and lot of my 鈥榟ome infra鈥 and VPS鈥檚 are all running LXD container. Also I am using LXD at work to create test setup for al sorts of Linux OS鈥檚 and applications. Most 鈥渇ree鈥 Linux OS鈥檚 are already in the LXD image repository. But sometime鈥檚 I need a non free Linux OS. Such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or SLES for short. Off-course I can run this in a VPS just by installing it from an ISO....

January 20, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

Ansible CICD pipeline with GitLab

In this post I will show how I use GitLab CICD with Ansible. I鈥檒l show the pipelines and how the merge requests are handled for full control and auditing. GitLab flow The GitLab flow is as following, you have one or more dev/working branches. To push code to the staging environment you do this via an merge request in GitLab, en to get this code in to production. Again via a merge request from the master branch to the production branch....

January 17, 2020 路 Dennis Kruyt

3d print project, lampshade

A couple of weeks ago I gave myself a 3d print for a present. 馃槤 I opted for a Creality Ender 3 pro and order it from Ali Express. With the first print I was amazed how good the quality now is on these budget printers. My last experience with 3d printing was about 10 years ago and the quality was quite different then on budget printers. So I am quite happy with this printer....

December 9, 2019 路 Dennis Kruyt