MOINK Balls? What is a MOINK? The name MOINK is a fusion of the sounds the animals (meat) from which these balls are made, Moo and Oink. Moo for the ground beef and Oink of the bacon of course.

The original idea for this is from Larry of the BBQ-Brethren Forum. This is my twist on that.


• 750 gram of ground beef• 40 gram of Parmesan cheese • One Egg• A couple of garlic cloves• A tea spoon of Salt• A tea spoon of Pepper• 100 ml milk• Dried Oregano• About twenty Beacon strips• BBQ Saus• Your favourite BBQ Rub• 60 gram of breadcrumbs• Toothpicks for the balls


Mix all ingredients and make the balls (except the BBQ suas and rub). The ball’s should have the size of a golf ball. Give the balls a rub of your BBQ rub. Then wrap a beacon strip around it and fix it with a tooth pick.

Set up your BBQ for indirect heat and set it to 100~110 degrees celsius. Put some smoke wood in the BBQ. I used Cherry chips.

After about an hour the balls should have a internal temperature of 60 degree celsius. Then apply the BBQ saus.

When they reach an internal temperature of 70 degree celsius (about 30 min) they are ready. Enjoy! 😉