Kubernetes SideCar Backup

kscb is a sidecar container, that is based upon rclone with a crontab. The sidecar container in the pod has access to the PV mount and the data on it, Rclone can then easily copy/sync to a public/private storage provider

September 29, 2021 · Dennis Kruyt

SUSE SLES 15 Container in LXD

I am a big fan of LXD and lot of my ‘home infra’ and VPS’s are all running LXD container. Also I am using LXD at work to create test setup for al sorts of Linux OS’s and applications. Most “free” Linux OS’s are already in the LXD image repository. But sometime’s I need a non free Linux OS. Such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, or SLES for short. Off-course I can run this in a VPS just by installing it from an ISO....

January 20, 2020 · Dennis Kruyt